Mila Kunis Is Being Sued For Stealing A Chicken When She Was A Child



Let’s spare a moment for Mila Kunis. Her name may be permanently bloodied after this shocking revelation.

The general story being bashed about is that Mila is allegedly being sued by a childhood friend who claims Mila stole one of her chickens from her when she was around five-years-old.

Kristina Karo is claiming that Mila stole her treasured chicken who went by the name Doggie. Apparently Kristina and Mila both loved Doggie, like you would a dog, and the three of them (Mila, Kristina and Doggie) would spend hour upon hour joyfully hanging out in the garden or the loft, we’re not quite sure where really.

One day Doggie disappeared. Kristina says Mila confessed that she stole it, saying, “Kristina, you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm.”


Kristina became an emotional wreck.

In a totally unrelated subplot Mila became super famous and super rich, Kristina tried to become a singer, but as yet appears not to have hit the big time.

Being in Los Angeles however, so close to Mila, has caused her horrid memories to come flooding back. She thinks $5,000 might just help her get over that distress.

We don’t know what to believe. Where’s Sherlock?

Whilst we look for him, because he is real, here is what Mila and Ashton Kutcher have to say about it all.

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