Meet The The Man Who Ate An Entire Airplane And 18 Bicycles



Michel Lotito, more commonly known as “Monsieur Mangetout,” which translates to “Mr. Eats All,” has lived up his name, of that there is no doubt.

During his lifetime the Frenchman ate an estimated nine tons of metal. Nine tons! Why on earth would he do such a thing? Michel had a medical condition known as Pica, which basically meant he had cravings to devour things such as dirt, glass, and heaps of metal.

You’re probably thinking it, how can people stomach metal and glass? The disorder can result in blocked intestines, lead poisoning and a whole host of other problems, but Michel always claimed he was fortunate enough to have an extremely thick lining in his stomach.

To digest it he would break the metal down into small pieces and consume them with lots of water, also drinking copious amounts of mineral oil to help those bits of metal slither through his intestines.

Michel was a man of small doses, limiting his metal intake to a kilogram per day. It took him two years to eat the airplane. Here’s the full list of what he ate during his lifetime.

18 Bicycles

15 Shopping Carts

8 Chandeliers

7 Televisions

2 Beds

1 Pair of Skis

1 Airplane

1 Coffin

1 Computer

Sadly, Michel passed away in June of 2007, not long after his 57th birthday. It’s said that he died of “natural causes,” which is incredible considering his diet.

Here’s a short video telling us more about the man and giving you an opportunity to watch him eat.

Sources: Wikipedia. Tailgatefan

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