Meet The Guy Who Built A Full-Size Car That Runs Just On Air... Out Of Lego


Raul Oaida is only 20-years-old, but his invention has taken the internet by storm. And rightly so. His air-powered vehicle has space for two passengers, and can hit a top speed of 20mph. No petrol or other fuel needed.



Aptly named the‘Super Awesome Micro Project’, this Lego masterpeice took almost two years to complete, with the help of around 40 donors from a crowdfunding campaign. But it turned out to be $22,000 well spent. The car consists of over 500,000 Lego pieces, and looks pretty awesome. The most impressive part of this vehicle is the engine. Built entirely out of Lego, obvs, the heart of the car consists of four separate orbital engines that are each equipped with 64 cylinders and pistons. 256 pistons, to be exact, which are driven by a rather mysteriously placed canister of compressed air. But that’s enough car-related words for now, we’ll let the video (and the creator) do all the talking:

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