Meet The Adorable Baby Born Without A Nose


Baby No Nose

Eli Thompson was born without a nose because of a rare malformation that affects just 1 in 197 million babies.

The little cutie was born at the beginning of March in Alabama and had to undergo a tracheotomy at just 5 days old. There are only 43 recorded cases of congenital arhinia since the first was reported in 1931.

It can potentially be life-threatening by causing breathing and feeding problems, but there are known cases of babies making it well into adulthood.

There has been some good news for Eli in recent times with both his eye exam and cranial scan coming back as normal. 


Eli can have a nose built for him but doctors are unsure if it will be functional. Eli’s mother, Brandi McGlathery, has said that they are in no rush to have a nose built. “Until the day he wants to have a nose, we don’t want to touch him,” she told the Press register. “We have to take it day by day. He’s perfect the way he is.”

She has been keeping people updated via a Facebook page that posts updates about Eli’s journey. Her posts have included Eli’s first bath, bottle feeding and the first time she saw his face without an oral respirator.


“Who knew someone so tiny could change so many people’s lives in such a short time? Our perfect miracle baby,” she said in one post.

Due to the huge medical costs that Eli will come up against, the family have set up a GoFundMe page which has already raised in excess of $7,000. 

Eli got to go home on Monday and although he doesn’t know it yet but he’s already an Internet sensation. 

H/T; Daily Mail, 

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