Can You Solve The Maths Problem That Has Stumped The World?


Which creature of evil decided to make this viral on a Monday? At least play fair….

Here’s the problem, this is given to 14-year-olds in Singapore.

Math Problem


Have you got it? Not many people have. It has been driving people crazy across multiple social media platforms.

Spoiler Alert: The answer and how to work it out are below. 

From the first statement, we know that Albert is sure that Bernard doesn’t know the birthday, so May and June should be ruled out (the day 19 only appears in May and the day 18 only appears in June).

Basically, if Albert had May or June, then he cannot be sure that Bernard doesn’t know, since Bernard could have had 18 or 19.

After Albert’s statement, Bernard knows that May and June are ruled out.

Then, Bernard knows the answer, and to know the answer means he must know which month it is. So it must be either July 16, August 15 and August 17 (not 14th as then he can’t know).

Since Albert is sure of the date, he must know it’s July. If it’s August, he can’t be sure as there is August 15 and 17.

So the answer is July 16.

We could have saved all this hassle and just checked Cheryl’s Facebook page, she would surely have had her birthday on there. 

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