A Maniac Set Her On Fire. 2 Years Later, She Removes Her Mask And Shows Her New Face


Dana Vulin, 28, of Perth, Australia had her whole life change when she was brutally attacked by a jealous woman just because she had spoken to her husband at a party. The woman caused Dana third-degree burns on almost 60% of her body.

How Dana reacted to the attack inspirational. She was determined not to let depression or fear creep into her mindset. After numerous reconstructive surgeries, Dana was able to take off her mask and reveal her new face. One of the impressive things about her attitude is that Dana isn’t concerned about looking different, when speaking to an Australian news channel she said, “I hope they see the scars. This is part of me now.”

Dana’s attacker grew jealous when she learned that Dana had spoken to her estranged husband at a New Year’s party. Dana (left) is pictured before the attacks.


The attacker, Natalia Dimitrovska, broke into Dana’s apartment while under the influence of drugs. She poured methylated spirits on Dana and set fire to her. 


The third-degree burns covered 64% of Dana’s body


 For two and a half years, as she healed, she was forced to wear this mask, which left her feeling “like a nothing and a no one.”


Dana wore the mask in court to testify. Natalia was sentenced to 17 years in prison.


It was during this time that Dana also found out that she had cervical cancer.


 She had a successful surgery which removed the cancerous cells, leaving her cancer free.


Dana agreed to appear on a television news program to take off her mask and appear in a fashion catwalk on television. 



This is Dana moments after she removed the mask


 She said, “I hope they’ll see strength, power, confidence, self respect, courage, and determination.”


 “I am a strong person, and more than anything that I’ve learnt in my burn is that I will never change and I know the person I am and I’m confident in the woman that I am.”




It’s great to see that Dana didn’t let the horrific attack ruin her life, what a brave lady…

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