Man Makes Spectacular Discovery In His Car Door, Is It Too Good To Be True?


This story has been doing the rounds the past couple of days. It’s an amazing story, and we hope it’s true because if it is then somebody has gotten mighty lucky. 

As the story goes a man purchased a second-hand jeep recently.


The car’s electric window stopped working, prompting him to try to see what was causing the fault in the door.


He was surprised to find a black bag had been wedged inside the car door.



He took the mysterious bag out the door, probably expecting to find an old gym kit or something. 


Oh, but what’s this?


Tons of money, that’s what! And a banana skin, obviously.





BUT. As much as we love this story, we have just a few questions we have. 

Why do this in a parking lot?

Why wear gloves? 

Why document it?

Why put it all over the Internet when some gangster is probably missing that cash?

What was the previous owner doing with their life to forgot the hoards of cash inside the car door?

Could it be that  this is from an inpound lot, and the customs saw something mysterious on the x-ray, then put on gloves, to avoid messing up the “crime scene”, and found this? Then took photos to document the whole thing, in case of a trial?

Truth be told, we don’t know what went on here, but we’re going to take a punt at drug money caught being smuggled over the border. However, like we said at the beginning, we do want it to be true. 

Any ideas? The best alternative story to these images will get added to the post later on, so get imagining and leave your thoughts in the comments. 

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