Man Commits Suicide Because His Dog Was Taken From Him And Put Down


Man Suicide

A dog is a man’s best friend is a well-known saying, and it’s stories like this that really highlight how incredibly strong that bond can be.

This man killed himself because his dog was taken away from him and euthanized. The dog was put down because he didn’t adhere to the Breed Specification Legalization for Pit Bulls. The dog, named Zanto had never committed a dangerous act of any sort.

Dan, Zanto’s owner, was given eight days to prove whether or not his dog was a banned breed. Unfortunately he was unable to get the proof he needed in the time provided, and so Zanto was taken from him and killed instantly.

Some say that he could have been put into an adoption centre for the time being, offering Dan ample time to approve his beloved pet, but this opportunity was not given to him.

On April 19, the Facebook page, Foreningen Fair Dog Fan side, wrote:

“Zanto (the dog) was ripped out of Dan’s arms, (Zanto’s owner) because he looked like one of the now banned dog breeds, or mixture of both. Zanto had nothing done, he is a good, devoted and happy dog and has never done a fly mischief. The owner had 8 days to prove Zanto’s creator, but we all know that it is not a possible task.”

Dan was so heartbroken when he found out about his loyal companion that he took his own life by overdosing on pain pills. There are many banned breeds in Denmark but this is a story that has a truly tragic ending. Let’s hope this can be avoided in the future. 

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