A Man Called Burger Is Marrying A Woman Called King And Burger King Are Over The Moon


BK Wedding

A fast food wedding, although fortunately the only resemblance to fast food that this couple’s wedding will have is the names. Joel Burger will be getting married to Ashley King.

The two are childhood sweethearts from Illinois, USA, and chose to announce their wedding by taking a cheeky photo next to a Burger King logo and sending it to their pals.

The Burger-King wedding will take place in July. When the fast food giant heard about the occasion they called the couple and Skype and told them they wanted to pay for the wedding.


Traditionally a wedding announcement would have the woman’s name first, but who needs tradition when you can have a few jokes and so they flipped it and it’s officially been listed as the Burger-King wedding.

When Burger King Corporation heard about the happy Burger-King couple, we felt an overwhelming urge to celebrate their upcoming marriage,” a spokesperson for Burger King told BuzzFeed. “It felt like fate: They found each other and their story found us.” 

We’re not ones to be snooty, but we are thankful that it doesn’t seem as though the couple are required to serve up Whoppers for their guests at the wedding, this is just an old fashioned friendly gesture. 

Does anyone have any single friends out their called Pizza or Hut by any chance?

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