This Is What It Looks Like When You Spend £400 Million Decking Out A Boeing-747


So you’re a billionaire. What’s your first impulse buy? A football club? An island? Some kind of robot butler? No! what you have to do is gather up £400 million, walk to your closest jumbo jet merchant and purchase one of their finest Boeing-747’s.

With a few added extras… 


A seemingly normal private Boeing-747 (if there is such a thing) from the outside.


Such as bedrooms, on board restaurant and a few lounges thrown in.


The custom-built plane is believed to have cost the unknown Billionaire around £400 million. Which puts it up there with the most expensive purchases of all time.


There are 14 TVs on this fabulous vessel!


8 double beds because reclining seats are for peasants


It looks like something Iron Man would chill out in!


WiFi. Obviously.


How many guests is he having with that dining room?


Just in case you get bored of sitting in one of the lounges, there’s another.


And another…


A cushioned ceiling above the bed for some reason


Apples on tap (that’s how you know you’re rich)


The staff seating looks better than the seating in most actual homes.

The petrol prices will get him though. He’ll struggle filling that baby up.

So if you have a spare few quid lying around, send it in and we’ll all chip in to buy one of these and fly somewhere magical?

Tell us what you think in the comments. Would you buy one?

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