Kim Jong-Un's Had A Bright Idea And It Involves Lots Of Women



Kim Jong-Un has been thinking tactics, kind of. With all the widespread human rights issues that North Korea have the leader has decided to set a “pleasure troupe” of women, purely for his own entertainment.

That’s right, whilst huge proportions of his country are allegedly starving, Kim has been busy drawing up a list of potential female companions.

Let us not forget that Kim is married and has a two-year-old daughter.

The dictator is reigniting a tradition embraced by his father, Kim Jong-Il. Kim Jong-Un ordered or the previous  “pleasure troupe” to be split after the death of the old leader in 2011. 

The women who were employed as entertainers were given pay-offs of $4,000 – a huge amount in North Korea. Kim was said to trust nobody when he took over the reigns and the money was to help buy the women’s silence as they knew a lot of secrets. 

Now that the official three year mourning period is over Kim is ready to start his own troupe who will be loyal only to him.


So what is a “pleasure troupe” exactly?

Government officials will conduct searches for the most beautiful young women, probably taking 30 every year, who will become maids, singers, or dancers. 

The prettiest are expected to become the leader’s concubines, or mistress, before eventually being passed on to high ranking military or government officials after they reached their mid-20s.

“This has been going on under three generations of the Kim family ruling North Korea and it has become a tradition that is also a demonstration of the leader’s power over the people and his sexual power,” Toshimitsu Shigemura, a professor at Tokyo’s Waseda University, told The Daily Telegraph.

Expect to see headlines coming out of North Korea informing us that the great leader has created new jobs.

H/T: The Telegraph, The Independent

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