Kim Jong-un Has ‘Climbed’ The Highest Mountain In North Korea


According to North Korean news outlets, their supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, has just climbed the highest mountain in the country.


Photos show the man himself with no climbing gear, and his trademark coat looking windswept and interesting atop a mountain watching the sunset like he’s just rolled off the set of a Westlife music video.

The very mountain he is said to have just climbed is allegedly the same one his father, Kim Jong-il, was born on (despite loads of historians saying he was born in Russia). But what do they know?!


If the reports are to be believed, The Supreme Leader reached the peak of Mount Paektu alongside government officials and hundreds of fighter pilots (Who were doing no flying, thank you very much!)

According to the Rodong newspaper, he said to the troops: “Climbing Mount Paektu provides precious mental pabulum more powerful than any kind of nuclear weapon.”

It has been claimed that Kim Jong-Un was driving by the tender age of three and that his father, on his first game of golf, got 11 hole-in-ones. That family have got a damn strong ancestry!*


*Despite both of Kim Jong-un’s brothers, Kim Jong-chul and Kim Jong-nam, being dismissed as too feminine and too wild.

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