It Is Impossible To Knock Out This Shaolin Kung Fu Monk



Mixed martial arts competitions gather fans from all around the world. Some like the atmosphere, some like the showcase of different techniques and some like gambling all their money away.

One thing they all have in common, however, is that they all go for the knock-outs. Bad news then if they hear that Shaolin Monk, Yi Long, is in the ring as he can’t be knocked out!

Yes, you read that right. With his ancient Shoalin monk training, Yi Long has been able to learn how to be resistant to KO’s. The form of martial arts he uses is known as wushu and is over 1,500 years old.

Pretty amazing stuff, right?

However it has to be said that you really shouldn’t try this at home unless you are, in fact, a Shaolin Monk. Nor should you find Yi Long and test it out yourself. 

So to recap, don’t try see if you’re knock-out proof and don’t punch Yi Long… as a general rule don’t punch anyone but you know what we mean. Who needs to be knock-out proof then?!

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