Ice Bucket Challenge Leads Woman To Discover Cheating Husband's Second Family



The Ice Bucket Challenge was so last year, but for Michelle O’Clee it turned her life upside down in a way she never saw coming.

Michelle, 39, had been married to her husband Andrew for four years before he forged a decree absolute and walked down the aisle with his second wife, Philippa. All of this whilst Andrew and Michelle (his first wife) were trying for a baby.

Andrew pulled it off by telling fibs to Michelle about being in a safe house due to the Witness Protection Programme, enabling him to spend more time with his new wife Phillipa.

Andrew even rocked up five hours late to the birth of his first child with Michelle and immediately demanded a paternity test. That’s rich, coming from the adulterer.


His elaborate lies and double-life all caught up with him though when he was tagged in an Ice Bucket Challenge video that appeared on Facebook with the caption ‘uncle Andrew and auntie Phillipa.’ Michelle saw the video and reported Andrew to the police. He has now been jailed for eight months for bigamy.

Speaking to the court in Surrey Michelle said. ‘I lived like this for a year and six months. When I went into labour he was five hours late to the birth. 

‘He cut the cord and left again. He said the police were waiting outside to take him to safety. The day I found out about the bigamy was the day my world fell apart and the violent betrayal unfolded.’

‘To add insult to injury he instructed me to take a paternity test. He was taken to a safe house every night and I wasn’t allowed to know the location. I was told by him not to tell my family or friends. I became paranoid and constantly fearful for my safety.’

Phillipa, the second wife, has vowed to stand by her man. When approached she said ‘he’s still my husband.’

It’s quite the web of lies Andrew spun, tell us your thoughts in the comments

Sources: Bognor Regis Observer, Metro, Daily Mail

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