Hunter Trampled To Death By Elephant He Was Tracking To Kill


A pro game hunter has been trampled to death by an elephant that he was pursuing and trying to kill. 

Ian Gibson was leading a hunt when the bull elephant began a full charge. The incident took place in Chewore North in the lower Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe. 


His employers, Safari Classics, published an online note on their website explaining that Gibson had been tracking the elephant for five hours with a client when they decided to stop and take a rest. 

The note says: “Feeling he was quite close to the elephant, Ian and his tracker Robert continued to follow the tracks in hopes of getting a look at the ivory as the client stayed with the game scout.” 

It appears that the elephant was in “musth” – which is where the animal’s desire to mate goes into overdrive and it becomes incredibly aggressive. 


The note continues: “They eventually caught up with the bull, spotting him at about 50-100 metres. The bull instantly turned and began a full charge.

“Ian and Robert began shouting in order to stop the charge. At very close range, Ian was able to get off one shot before the bull killed him. The scene was very graphic.”

It is not known if the elephant was injured or killed in the incident.

The note says “Ian Gibson was a fine man and one of the most experienced professional hunters on the African continent. He will be deeply missed by all…”

H/T: Huffington Post

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