Here’s The Bizarre Instrument Behind All Those Creepy Horror-Movie Sounds



Have you ever wondered about the freaky sounds in movies and where they come from? Turns out, there’s actually a few video’s that that show you how they got these horror-movie sounds. 

The instrument is called a Waterphone and it’s the main instrument that’s used to make those eerie tracks found in movies.  The Waterphone is also called an ocean harp, and it’s basically a type of inharmonic acoustic percussion instrument made of a stainless steel resonator bowl (filled with water), and bronze rods of different lengths.

The instrument has also been used successfully to call whales and a range of other aquatic animals.

Below are some of the movies the waterphone has been featured in…..

Let The Right One In






 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon


The Matrix


Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Now let’s hear it. 

This video shows it being played with multiple bows and different types of mallets. Creepy stuff.

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