13 Times This Guy Totally Nailed Low-Budget Cosplay


Everyone wants to look like their favourite Disney princess or their favourite superhero but those costumes are just so damn expensive.

Fear not. For the brilliant minds at at Lowcostcosplay have found ingenious ways of utilising everyday household objects, such as masking tape and  computer mouses, into seamless cosplay suits!


That pudding does look a little repulsive but the likeness to a dress is uncanny…



For this one it’s all in the face.


That’s one mighty fine sand-cat hand



I’d be equally scared if I saw him running at me as if the Thing was running towards me.


Just be careful when removing the tape. Please.


This costume require both hands at all times which is it’s only drawback 


Did captain America wear shorts? Really?


It would be a little weird if people asked where your costume was and you had to take off your shoes and socks to explain.


That’s just clever.


Ah… beautiful.


Everyone remembers that bit in the Matrix when Neo stopped a load of loose change with his smart phone and a grin on his face?


Everybody run! It’s Edward prong-hands!


When your the terminator you don’t need to see where you’re going.

So there you have it. Costumes on a budget. Sure, they may not look like you just walked off a movie set but having things a little rough around the edges is endearing, isn’t it?

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