Grieving Father Of Teenage Girl Arrested After Taking Matters Into His Own Hands


The grieving father of a deceased 16-year-old was arrested for building a higher guardrail on the side of a bridge where his daughter died. His beloved daughter, Cecily Mcree Hamilton, died in March after the car she was in drove over the edge of a bridge in Georgia, USA.

Shannon Hamilton, Cecily’s father, had to watch as police pulled the car that contained his daughter and her boyfriend out of the river below. He told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “I gave her a kiss and told her I loved her. Hugged her freezing body and said goodbye.”

Every father’s worst nightmare.

Hamilton claims that the teenagers would not have died if there was a suitable guardrail on the side of the bridge. Local officials agreed, and said that plans to build such rails had been drawn up and were awaiting approval. When a month had passed and nothing had happened he decided he couldn’t wait until another car was being pulled out of the river for the changes to happen.


“Every day that goes by is another day that we’re risking a life that goes into that creek,” he said.

Hamilton brought his own Bobcat excavator to the bridge to help with construction. According to WSB-TV, Hamilton said he planned to build a berm, which is a temporary ledge that would help prevent cars from driving off the bridge.

The berm was meant to provide a temporary solution to the problem while local officials figured out the permanent solution. However, White County deputies arrived before Hamilton was able to finish his work. After trying to convince him to stop, they notified him that they would be forced to arrest him –  should he continue working.

The grieving father went back to work, and was arrested for interference with government property while his son, Kale Hamilton (shown below with his sister) watched


Gainesville Times reported that Hamilton was thankful that the officials understood the problem at hand. He said, “They had to do it. They had no choice.”

After being released on bond, Hamilton said that he has since received an outpouring of support from his community. His son posted photos and a video of the arrest to social media.

Hamilton said that he did not want to break the law but that he was prepared to take matters into his own hands if that was what it took to protect families from an incident similar to his own.

“My baby girl told my heart to ‘do it, Daddy,’” Hamilton said.

As Hamilton explained, this is his way of coping with a terrible tragedy.

“Tomorrow’s never promised,” he said. “It’s the way I’m grieving, and I’m staying positive to get through the days.”

H/T: WSBTV/Kale Hamilton

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