This Girl Discovered Her 'Twin' After A Bet With Her Friends


We’ve all heard of doppelgängers, usually the centre point for some low budget film where one of them is evil and the other has to clean up after them and stop them before everything gets out of hand.

Well they’re real. In fact a website named Twin Strangers has been launched in an effort to round all of them up to create the ultimate bank heist team. (That last bit isn’t true).


If the website is to be believed, there are seven unrelated people in the world who all look eerily alike which, when you think about it, doesn’t seem too unlikely as many would agree that there is someone out there who could be mistaken for them.

The Twin Strangers team consists of Harry, Terrance and Niamh. Over April they have vowed to each find their doppelgänger and they already have some encouraging results.


Whilst Harry and Terrance are still on the search, Niamh has found her “Twin Sister” who, rather conveniently, lives close by in England.

You can check out the full story so far here…


Pretty crazy, huh? Do you have a doppelgänger? Do you even want one? How would you utilise your new-found likeness? 


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