Father Catches Babysitter Drunk On The Job, His Reaction Leaves Him In Prison


A very angry father broke almost every bone in a man’s face after he came home to find his 11-month-old daughter’s babysitters were drunk.


According to reports, 23-year-old Lee Brown and his partner, Natasha Snow, came home on Sep. 12 after a night out and discovered a party going on in their house, in Ashington, England, where their young daughter was supposedly being looked after. Furious, the father dragged one of the men – and who we can only assume was the lead babysitter – Darren McKay, out of the house and punched him, quite a few times by the sounds of it..

When the attack was over, McKay was rushed to a nearby hospital with substantial injuries.

“He had gross swelling and bruising to his face, especially around the eyes. He had a full thickness laceration to his eye brow and bruising to the elbow,” prosecutor Neil Pallister said in court. “There was a fracture to the forehead, the eye socket, the upper jaw and a possible nasal bone fracture.”

Brown was arrested following the assault and pleaded guilty to a charge of grievous bodily harm. He was sentenced to 17 months in prison.

“You went to the house where your daughter was being looked after and, because you were unhappy with how she was being looked after, you assaulted Darren McKay,” Judge Penny Moreland said. “What you did has had a substantial impact on the way he lived his life.”

Brown also reportedly pleaded guilty to one count of common assault for punching another attendee of the party at his house.

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Source: Newcastle Chronicle

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