A Fruitless Claw Machine Left This Child Trapped Inside A Glass Case Of Emotion



The world was swept off its feet today with news of a 4-year-old boy being trapped inside a glass case with the lifeless bodies of mutant workers.

Although it’s not as sinister as that…

Little Henry Howes, 4, from Tamworth, was smitten by the plush delights of the minions in this local swimming pool claw machine and knew that he must have one.

Making his intentions clear to his mother, she bestowed £1 upon him and sent him on his quest under the supervision of his elder… brother.

Suspicion that all had not gone to plan arose, however, when only the eldest brother returned home, later on, announcing that Henry was trapped in the claw machine.

I don’t know how he managed to get in there. He’s only four but he’s a tall lad.

I had to go to the reception and tell them my son was stuck in the machine. They couldn’t believe it either.”

Said Emma, mother of the rogue child.           


He was in there for a good half an hour.”

She continued.

Silver linings were on the horizon, though, as after being let free form the claw machine, Henry was allowed to keep his minion toy and it has not left his side since.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments. Ever get stuck in anything you shouldn’t be in? (Keep it PG)

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