Frankie Boyle Just Called Richard Branson A C***



Frankie Boyle isn’t one that you’d ever accuse of keeping his opinions to himself. The latest person to be endure his wrath is mega rich businessman Richard Branson.

So what’s he gone and done to be called such a thing?

Erm, he tried to save the arctic.

Branson posted a picture of himself someplace out at sea along with a comment calling for conservation and bold leadership to tackle the issues of global warming. He included a link that went into detail on how fuel emissions were damaging the environment of the continent and putting the lives and habitats of polar bears in severe danger. 

That’s all well and good, but Boyle was quick to point out the hypocrisy of it all.


Expletives aside, many people believe he kind of has a point. To tweet about fuel emissions when at any one moment you have hundreds of planes circling the globe is very ironic. 

The flipside to that argument is that most of us are fortunate enough to have been on a plane before and so we have also contributed. And Richard Branson, despite the fact that he does own all those planes, is still trying to make a difference. He could just count his money and do nothing at all.

It’s dizzying. 

Boyle’s straight-to-the-point assessment quickly racked up support from Twitter users.

Branson has so far ignored the comment, choosing to post more tweets about climate change instead.

Tell us your thoughts, does Frankie Boyle have a point? 

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