This Family's Tangled Sex Web Is A Real Head-Scratcher



This charmer is John Paul. He drew one of lives short straws when he found himself in a situation where the only option was to appear on ITV’s daytime hit, The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Don’t get us wrong, it sounds like he pretty much brought it on himself but still… no, it’s pretty much all his fault since he had it off with his step sister.

But that’s not it. No, that’s not even half of it. By the sounds of things, the whole family are at it!

So, in the process of trying to find out whether he was the father to his step-sister, Nikki’s, child, he in turn unearthed that semi-incestual infidelity runs in the family.


According to Mr John Paul, Nikki slept with two of his brothers and his dad after they parted ways. She also pinched his nipples in a fit of rage but don’t worry about that.

After saying that he regretted sleeping with her at all, Nikki slammed John Paul for sleeping with one of her sisters but admitted to sleeping with one of his brothers, namely, Robson.

Then *phew* Robson come out (literally) to say that he was now gay and Nikki was to thank for that.


Anyway, later on, Nikki jovially left the stage grasping the DNA test that proved John Paul was not the father to her child claiming she was ‘going to frame it’.

After that, all that was left was to mend the relationship between John Paul, Robson and their father, Craig. The show ended with a three-way embrace.

Honestly. This really happened!

So, just your casual daytime TV experience? Let us know what you make of it in the comments. This should be good…

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