English Teacher Hilariously Marks Mistake-Ridden UKIP Flyer


UKIP are being mocked across social media for the volume of mistakes in their campaign material. They posted a leaflet through the door of an English teacher in Somerset who couldn’t stop herself from correcting a few of the errors.

The two councillors responsible for the material, Sharon Snook and Derek Tanswell, have recently defected from the Liberal Democrats. 


Here’s our favourite passage. 


Grammar can be cruel and wicked, we can vouch for that, but you’d expect a political party hoping to shape the country’s future to make a bit more of an effort with the proofreading. 

This shouldn’t worry UKIP too much. They can just concentrate on being more effective with their verbal communication instead. Which is exactly what Nigel Farage did last night during the debate when he…..insulted the entire audience, oops. 

If you’ve not seen it already, here’s the video we’re talking about.

Just another day on the campaign trail…

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