Dying from Cancer He Picked Up a Job to Help Out His Daughter. Then a Car Ride Changed Everything.



Kenneth Broskey, 69, received some upsetting news from his doctors, his cancer was no longer responding to chemotherapy and he had only two-to-ten weeks left to live.

Kenneth’s doctors suggested that he spends his final days in a hospice, but he decided that he wanted to become an Uber driver to try and help his family after he’d gone.

“Once I pass away, chances are my daughter, who’s a part-time waitress at a small restaurant in Livonia, will lose the house we live in because she won’t be able to afford it anymore,” Kenneth told ABC News.

“So I’m doing everything for her and my grandkids at this point. When you find out you’re dying, you realise your family and friends are so important.”


It turns out that Kenneth’s decision helped his family way more than he could have ever expected. One of Kenneth’s passengers was 22-year-old Roland Gainer. Roland has lost a loved one to cancer in the past, hearing Kenneth’s story made him feel like he had to do something to help.

Roland started a GoFundMe page, with the aim of paying off the Broskey family’s mortgage. After only four days they had raised $100,000 – which was enough to make sure that Kenneth’s daughter and grandchildren will have a place to live after he passes.


Kenneth and Roland have established a good friendship.

“I admire him so much,” Gainer tells ABC News. “Oh my God, his love for his family is limitless. This man is dying of cancer, and yet he’s still out there driving an Uber cab just for his family every day. That’s indescribable love.”

H/T: News.com

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