Incredible Discovery Inside This Drug Lord's Home


Drug Lord’s eh, what do they get up to? Drugs and gangster stuff generally, such as this.

Early on a Saturday morning, Marines had located Joaquin Guzman in a condominium complex and surrounded the area. The marines kicked open the door to his fourth floor condo, managing to seize Guzman without a shot fired. Mexican Marines allowed photographer Daniel Beccerril to document what they found.

Here he is, Guzman, looking happy with life.



The Marines lifted a bathtub (like you do) that leads to a tunnel and exits in the city drainage system at one of the houses of Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman in Culiacan.


It turned out to be a very extensive network he was hiding away.


A secret door gave Guzman access to the tunnels.


Clearly not one for keeping his secret tunnels tidy, old Guzman.



He would use the tunnels to move drugs and weapons and avoid the police. So, hide and seek for gangsters then?


This steel door leads from a tunnel underneath one of the Guzman’s houses to the drainage system. Not sure about the colour, if we’re honest.


Anyone else hoping that The Penguin is on the other side of that door?


Reuters photographer Daniel Becerril shows us what those escape tunnels are like.


A river of drugs and weapons flows underneath the city.


We presume this guy is a Marine and not one of Guzman’s employees.


At ease…


At the end of the tunnel, Guzman could make his escape. Unfortunately for Guzman, Mexican Marines and U.S DEA agents has set up a base of operations in the city, according to AP.


We really want a tunnel under our bath now. Not for criminal activity, of course, just fun and games.

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