This Drink-Driving Crash Is More Than It Seems



In the small town of Frisco, Texas, USA, a small event takes place for the students of the local high-school. The event is called Shattered Dreams and it happens every 4 years, the day before Prom.

Although the scenes may look brutally real, the truth is that they are productions involving the local fire department and students of the high school to deter people from drink driving.


The staged crash features 5 seniors who had the accident due to drink-driving. In the most recent production, one senior “died” at the sight, two are “injured” (one of whom “died” after being taken to hospital) and the other two are “arrested”. 


The students have to watch as the paramedics take the victims away.


Every period, one student is selected by the grim reaper to be “dead”.


A funeral for the “deceased” is held the next day to drum into the students the severity of drink-driving.

Let us know what you think of the idea in the comments. A good one that should be adopted by more places or are there better ways of dealing with drink-driving?


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