A Dog Just Took Control Of A Tractor And Drove It Onto A Motorway (Seriously)



It was bedlam on the M74 this morning. Drivers must have been wondering what the hell was going on, and more importantly who had spiked their breakfast.

Police confirmed the delays on the motorway were because of a ‘dog taking control of a tractor’ in South Lanarkshire.

Traffic Scotland tweeted the information, with added assurance that they weren’t making this up.



Police and a farmer were at the scene where a vehicle was stationery in the middle lane. The dog probably wanted another treat before shifting up a gear.

The collie was eventually coaxed out of the vehicle and the route was cleared.

Neither the dog nor any motorists were harmed, and police suspect the dog leaned on the controls of the tractor it was sat in, forcing it onto the road from a nearby field.

Yeah right, he wanted to go on holiday and they know it. It seems we have another police cover up on our hands.

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