Dad Sends Daughter To School In A T-Shirt That Will Keep The Boys Away


It’s kind of sweet, kind of funny, kind of weird, kind of lacking in trust. It’s kind of a lot of things.

This dad wanted to keep his daughter away from all the pubescent boys at school and so he decided to make a bit of a spectacle of his desire for her to retain her ‘purity.’

The dad in question sent his 12-year-old daughter to school wearing a t-shirt with his beastly frame on it and the message “stay clear boys, this is my dad.”

Isn’t he forgetting one thing? Can he not remember his own days as a teenager? It will probably take more than a t-shirt to stop those boys from declaring their interest.


She looks delighted with it all. Or maybe not. The dad in question should remember that face she is pulling, it’s most likely her ‘plotting my revenge’ face.

What’s really happening here, we hope, is that dad is having a bit of a laugh and telling his daughter how much he loves her in his own special way, which is the 21st century social media way. 

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