This Bonkers Cake Is Not What It Seems, Would You Eat It?


It was only a matter of time. Dependent upon your perspective, as a species we are either getting increasingly weird or increasingly more creative with out food designs. 

With all the crazy stuff we do nowadays, it was to be expected that somebody would make a cake that includes corn bread, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, gravy, macaroni cheese and candied yams.


The person responsible for this calorific beast is Bree Miller, the head of Los Angeles based Bree’s Cakes.

Why Bree? Why do such a thing? 

‘He (a friend) texted me a photo of a dish that was more like a casserole and asked if I thought I could recreate something like it with my own twist. I was like, “heck yeah. Challenge accepted,” Bree said to 


The bold baker used cornbread as a sponge, and ‘iced’ it with fluffy mashed potato to make it look more like a cake. She used fried chicken as a centrepiece and drizzled gravy down the side. She then somehow found room to squeeze in macaroni cheese and candied yams. 


Eating this cakes looks like a sport, would you take part? We know somebody who would….

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