Britain's Got Talent Defends Contestant After Editing Glitch Results In Fakery Claims



This little chappie was melting hearts on Saturday night. Henry Gallagher performed a song he’d written himself about his crush. This kid is smooth.

The 12-year-old however is at the centre of controversy after the shows bosses were accused of giving him preferential treatment. It all kicked off because some viewers noticed Henry’s capo shift position halfway through his performance.

On Twitter, one viewer wrote, “Not only can Henry sing, he’s got some serious magical powers, moving the capo mid way through his act #BGT #continuity #taketwo?”

Another wrote, “@BGT so how come the young lad Henry started off with the Capo on 9th fret on guitar and ended on the 1st. It’s called dubbing, deceiving.”

The shows bosses say it’s all rubbish. They insist that Henry was not permitted to sing the song several times, and that the magical moving capo was just an editing glitch.

Accoridng to The Mirror, a spokesperson for the show said, “Henry performed his song only once during his audition and sang and played his guitar live, moving the capo mid song.

“As with all performances Henry’s act went through normal editing procedures hence the capo appearing to move.”

If you weren’t one of the 12 million people watching Henry on Saturday night, here is his performance. Let’s hope his crush was watching…

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