Brave Mother Shares Photos Of Her Stillborn Baby To Make A Point


A couple from California, Emily and Richard Staley, suffered a heart wrenching tragedy when Emily delivered a stillborn baby girl.


When they found out that the baby would be stillborn, they contacted and worked with photographer Lindsey Natzic-Villatoro to take and document pictures of the beautiful delivery, as opposed to going with the traditional mourning route. These photos were later posted to Facebook. The goal? To raise awareness and to break the stigma surrounding stillborn births.

Natzic-Villatoro’s Facebook page ‘Love Song Events & Photography’ had its following grow from 180,000 to 248,000 and the post with the photos has over 130,000 shares. It has made its way across the internet, inspiring people everywhere not only to share their own pictures and stories of loved and lost children but to lessen the stigma around stillbirths.


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