Boyhood Friends To Marry Each Other After One Becomes A Woman



They grew up playing football and Playstation together, lost touch and now they are planning their wedding. There is an awesome movie in this! 

Christopher Dodd, 24, and Fay Purdham, 27, are now a couple, with Fay transitioning to become a woman four years ago. 

The two hung out as kids, when Fay was called Kevin, but lost touch during their teenage years.


The pair, both from Middlesbrough, were reunited at Christopher’s 21st birthday bash. 

Christopher told The Sun,“When I saw Fay again, I was gobsmacked by how beautiful she was and I fell for her immediately. 

“It took me some time to get my head around the fact that she used to be my best friend Kevin but I have never looked at her in any other way other than the fact she is a gorgeous woman.”

Fay began her transition by taking hormones when she was 16. She had done some research online and realised that she was transgender. It’s around this time that the two lost contact. 

She said: “It was sad and I missed him but I didn’t think him, being a boy, would understand what was going on. When I started to transition from about the age of 16, I lost touch with him and didn’t see him again for several years.”

“As soon as he saw me, he came over to me, he had heard through family that I’d had surgery to become a woman but the last time he’d seen me I was Kevin. His first words were: “God you look different” and we both burst out laughing.”

“Now he had really grown into a handsome young man and I was very attracted to him right from the start – plus I had that feeling that he was also liking me too.” 

“We sat talking for ages about the old days and then suddenly, he kissed me – and it felt like the right thing to do.” 


They have now been together for three years and are planning their wedding, after which they hope to start a family. 

Congratulations, and good luck to them both.

H/T: The Mirror, The Daily Mail

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