Facebook Says No To The Baby Born Without A Nose, Are Persuaded Otherwise


Baby Nose

Remember Timothy Eli Thomspson? You may recognise him as the 1 in 197 million baby who was born without a nose. Controversial, right? It was according to Facebook.

The photo of young Eli, who has no nasal passages or sinus cavities, was removed after being used by a pro-life group to publicise his story.

Eli had a tracheotomy five days after he was born and stayed in hospital for three weeks before going home, he is now healthy and the outlook is positive. 

Eli’s mother, Brandi, immediately went on the offensive after discovering the photo was removed, posting to Facebook she said.

“Excuse my language, but I’ll be damned if Facebook keeps me from sharing my baby’s story!

“It sickens me that I can see pictures of half naked women, drugs, & negativity, but my child is too ‘controversial’. What has happened to humanity?”


Brandi’s post about the Facebook ban was shared 30,000 times in a matter of hours, and the volume of complaints caused Facebook to reconsider their decision. Eli’s face is no longer considered controversial.

Eli is going to require special medical care and a GoFundMe page has been set up to try and help him. He will have the option when he’s  teenager to undergo major invasive surgery if he wishes to have a nose. Speaking about the decision Brandi told WKRG:

“I just hope that he’s happy either way, whether he decides, you know, when the times comes that he does want a nose or not, I just want him to be happy and to be happy with himself.” 

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