Apparently No One Noticed What This Woman Was Staring at When They Chose Her for Their Label


Everything rustic-looking is enjoying a renaissance at the moment. Vintage is the new modern. That’s why lots of people choose to not have their furniture painted properly so it looks ‘shabby-chic’ and why Pasta sauces have pictures of famous Italian Paintings on them…


There’s proof, if you didn’t believe us. Four lovely ladies as the face of four, presumably, lovely pasta sauces. Nothing weird about that, right?

But wait. What’s she looking so confused for? The one on the right.


Yes, her. She doesn’t look too delighted at all. Perhaps she ordered a Carbonara and was instead presented with a tomato and mushroom sauce dish? Or maybe she’s shocked that the product has no added sugar. In this day and age!

Oh no, silly us. It’s none of them. No, what she was looking so bewildered at was the man whose head she was cutting off…


It’s an easy mistake to make really. Oh no wait. No it isn’t! What Middle Earth Organics have done there is employ Judith Beheading Holofernes, a 1598 painting by Caravaggio to flog their sauce.

But maybe, just maybe (and hear us out here) that isn’t blood coming out of Holofernes’ neck? What if he was eating a delicious Tomato and mushroom pasta dish and, in his haste to eat it all, made a mess everywhere. Judith, being the delight she is, decided to help clear it up with a knife as Holofernes sung?

No, she killed him, didn’t she?

What do you think, easy mistake to make? Let us know in the comments!

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