Adopted Pit Bull Shows Autistic Boy How To Hug His Mum For The First Time


Joey Granados was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome when he was just 7. Due to his condition, he found it hard to cope with physical contact, even with his mother. 


Asperger syndrome is a disorder on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum and some people are affected differently. Joey hated coming into contact with anyone, especially being hugged or kissed.

Amanda, his loving mum, was under the sad impression that she would never be able to embrace Joey.

Joey struggled making friends and so, to counteract this, the family adopted a pit bull terrier called Roxy. The pair got on famously and the match had an unexpected outcome…


Joey, in his excitement to take Roxy home, hugged and kissed Amanda in a welcome act of spontaneity!

I get emotional thinking about it” Amanda told

For all those years, he wouldn’t hold my hand, he wouldn’t hug me — it was all part of the autism — but this dog has taught him how to give and show affection. He holds my hand now! He hugs me! The first time I got a kiss on the cheek was when Roxy came home.”

On the situation, Joey, 14, had this to say:

I didn’t have too many friends growing up, but then we got Roxy and I’ve been able to make friends ever since. At home, I’ve been able to hold my mom’s hand, kiss her, hug her and do a lot of things that I hadn’t been able to do growing up.


It is further becoming apparent that people all over the world with different forms of autism, while they have different effects, can greatly benefit from proximity with pets like Roxy.

Children with autism may especially benefit from interacting with dogs, which can provide unconditional, nonjudgmental love and companionship,“said Dr.Gretchen Carlisle, research fellow with the Research Centre for Human-Animal Interaction, University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine.

Joey’s and Roxy’s is a delightful story that goes to show that more of us should save dogs from rescue centres as they can have a wonderful impact on our lives and us on theirs.

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