16 Odd But Actual Real-Life Laws In The U.S


1. Bingo games lasting longer than five hours are illegal in North Carolina. Put those bingo cards away, kids!



2. You can legally drive with no shoes on in the U.S. It may be odd, unhygienic and probably a bit smelly, but it’s legal. The police can and will use it against you if you crash, though. 




3. While it is technically legal to own a bear as a pet in the state of Indiana, we cant help but wonder how many doting bear-owners there actually are. And oddly, you can own one as a pet but it’s illegal to wake a bear for a photo opportunity. We’re looking at you, instagrammers.  




4. Cannibalism is technically not actually illegal in the U.S. This is mere pedantry though, as we’re pretty sure the act of eating another human would break other laws (e.g murder or desecration of a corpse, to suggest a few)




5. Parents who want to party with their kids should consider moving to Massachusetts, where it is not actually a crime to serve your kids alcohol at home. Sounds like a great idea.




6. 75% of U.S states allow the ownership of a flamethrower. Don’t ask. Just go, buy one quick. 




7. Florida allows you to transform your garden into a gun range, should you wish. As long as their small arms, which makes all the difference, obviously



8. Marry someone with the same grandparents as you? Sounds great. Less people to feed at the wedding, amirite? In these 19 states, there’s nothing illegal about this. 




9. What about hitting children? Corporal punishment is still legal in these 19 states. Definitely don’t move to these places.




10. Laws permitting (and dare we say it, kind of encouraging) the consumption of road kill are actually more common in the US than the laws banning it. Montana is the most recent state to join the party, stating that any animal killed by your car can be grilled up and eaten. Bon appétit!




11. It’s illegal to own more than two dildos in Arizona. Who enforces this? The sex toy police?




12. Buying a round for more than three people is illegal in Nevada. Best cancel that night out you had planned…




13. If you’re caught stealing soap in Arizona, technically the law states you should be forced to wash yourself continually with the aforementioned bar of soap until it has completely run out. If it’s in the prison showers, for the love of all that’s holy don’t drop it. 





14. In Utah, you can wear a colander on your head in your driving license picture. Obviously.




15. If you’re looking to send out unsolicited pictures of your dong to people who don’t want to see it, Georgia is the state for you.




16. Technically, it’s not illegal to be topless in most of America. Unless you’re in Indiana, Tennessee or Utah, you should be able to roam with the ladies running wild. But, unfortunately, this isn’t often the case. As soon soon as a member of the public makes a complaint, it becomes ‘indecent exposure’. Boo, you funkillers.



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