Man Publicly Shames Cousin Who Left "Find Sour Cream" As A Tip



Everyone knows that in America waitresses rely heavily on the tips that they receive. That’s what makes this guy an even bigger douche, and his cousin an even bigger legend.

Dustin Clark saw on Facebook that his cousin had been bragging about the lousy tip they left when dining at Joe’s Crab Shack. In the tip space they simply wrote “find sour cream” and left no money.

Yeah, because having no sour cream is totally the fault of the waitress.

When Dustin asked his cousin why he was being such a tight-ass Jon replied by saying “They had sour cream last time we ate there.”

Apparently Oklahoma is a tipped minimum wage state, which means the waitress will have been paid $2.13 an hour. Dustin wasn’t satisfied with his cousin’s response, and so he posted this on Facebook. A good old public shaming.


Not only did he shame his cousin, Dustin was going to go to the restaurant and tip the waitress himself. He later posted about how it went down, saying that Samantha seemed like a lovely person.


Congratulations to Dustin, the whole story even made the locals news, public shaming well and truly accomplished

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H/T: Opposing Views, Gawker

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