9 Odd People Who Want It Their Way


People. People get up to some weird things, don’t they? Ever heard of a man collecting every single VHS copy of the film Speed? Or someone who lives to correct mistakes on Wikipedia? 

You’ll finally be able to say yes to those questions once you take a look at these…


A man from China was so upset at the idea of other people enjoying Valentine’s day so he did this.


In his pursuit of money and fame, Dennis Hope saw that the 1967 Space Treaty claims the “no country may ever own the Moon.” So in 1980, he decided that since nothing is written about “individuals,” he could go to the UN and declare himself the owner of the Moon. In his mind, it should totally stick because of the technicality no one else smart enough to think of exploiting… except the treaty did include private interests. To this day he keeps selling off plots of lands on deeds of no real value.


Ryan Beitz has a goal of collecting every copy of “Speed” ever printed on VHS. He doesn’t know why he wants the tapes and he fails to take care of them. He’s never counted how many he has, and claims that nobody cares.


He’d be furious if he found out that there are newer consoles out…


Bryan Henderson has an obsession with the phrase “comprised of” on Wikipedia, so he makes ten of thousands of edits to correct it.


Zero Freitas is a millionaire with the goal of owning a vinyl copy of every piece of music ever recorded.. he already has a few million.


A mystery man who goes by the name of “Dose” purchased 100 Rosalina Amiibos for the sole purpose of keeping the character’s fans from getting one. It is said that he doesn’t even like the character.


An Instagram user named “fakewatchbusta” spends his spare time going through images of rappers and other celebs pointing out counterfeit jewellery.


Furious that he couldn’t get a match on dating site, OKCupid, Chris McKinlay decided to work out their matching algorithm. He then created his own fake profile engineered to be matched up with the exact women he wanted to meet and he ended up getting hundreds of matched each day.

So… do you know anyone with even more odd ambitions? Let us know in the comments!


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