The 10 Most Googled Questions During The Leaders Debate



The leaders election debate finished not too long ago with Nicola Sturgeon of SNP widely believed to have walked out as the winner.

It got heated, there was a heckler, and there was a lot of the old blame game that politician’s seem to be ever so good at. But what did everyone make of it?

One interesting way of understanding what was going through the minds of viewers as they watched the proceedings is to look at what the most common Google searches were on the subject.

Well, here they are:

  1. Who is winning the leader’s debate?
  2. Who should I vote for?
  3. Who is Nigel Farage married to?
  4. What is a referendum?
  5. Where is Natalie Bennett from?
  6. Can I vote for the SNP?
  7. How do I register to vote?
  8. How tall is Nigel Farage?
  9. What is austerity?
  10. What does Plaid Cymru mean?

So there we have it, people outside of Scotland were clearly wondering if they could vote SNP, there was a large interest in Nigel Farage’s wife and height and many people seemed to trust Google with who they should vote for.

And while we’re at it. For those who wondered what happened to the heckler, here she is explaining why she got involved.

Who do you think won tonight’s debate? Tell us in the comments. 


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