Why Women Are Dying Their Hair Grey For The 'Granny Hair' Trend


#GrannyHair is a new trend that has seen young people years away from going grey naturally decide to dye their hair. It may seem strange, but it’s becoming more and more common and some o these people really pull it off. 


Ivania Carpio, a fashion blogger from the Netherlands, explained the idea of going grey on her blog. 

“After buckets of bleach and chemicals my hair is finally grey. A color that is being stared at and commented on a lot because silver hair is something that most women would rather avoid. Being old isn’t desireable apparently. And grey is associated with that, the only thing that our society seems to like nowadays is everything young. And in order for every idea to be young it must be replaced by the next in a short matter of time. 

A good idea isn’t good if it isn’t a new idea. A beautiful shoe isn’t acceptable because it has been out for three seasons and a person isn’t beautiful if it isn’t 17 years old. Luckily as fast fashion is slowly dying and people’s cravings for the next new thing are stilled these insane and unrealistic thoughts are disappearing.

Good ideas last forever, I still love my Givenchy shoes from 2007, I just turned 23 but am jealous of Kristen Mcmenamy’s looks.”

Here’s a look at some at some of those young grey-haired people…














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