This Woman Has Been Using Tinder With Ulterior Motives



Tinder. The app we all love to flirt with, and now it turns out you can use it for so much more.

Call her lazy, call her a user, call her what you like but just don’t call her unimaginative as Susan, 27, found the perfect way to free her car from the torrent of frozen water we like to call snow.

As she awoke feeling a the little worse for wear in her abode of Boston, Susan noticed that her car was immovable and, not feeling up to the job herself, took to tinder to ask any potential matches to shovel the snow away.


And it worked! She expressed that she was not interested in any romance or sex or anything that Tinder is actually for but was instead simply appealing to a gentleman’s good nature the day before Valentine’s Day.

As “Ted” made like a man and had his way with the snow, Susan provided pastries (Well, Scones, which aren’t technically pastries) and chat. And that was that.


Her car was freed, she could get to wherever she was going, probably some kind of date. And “Ted” could go home to his mates and say that he could have definitely pulled her if he weren’t busy holding a shovel. 

Now that we have evidence that chivalry is very much alive and shoveling, an opportunity presents itself to really milk the idea. Why not use Tinder to get your dry cleaning picked up? Or for help with your homework? The options are endless, tell us your ideas in the comments. 

H/T Jezebel

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