Nobody Believes These Girls Are Twins


Though you can often hazard a guess as to what a couple’s offspring will look like, that’s all it is — a guess. As a general rule, we assume children will look like a mix of their parents and siblings will look similar to one another, especially twins, but that isn’t always the case.


Take, for instance, the Aylmer sisters. Lucy has lovely fair skin with freckles, bright red hair and blue eyes. And Maria? She’s got black curls, caramel skin and deep brown eyes.

Oh, and they just happen to be twins. No biggie.

The girls’ nearly opposite features can be traced back to their racially different parents. Their mother, Donna, is half-Jamaican while father Vince is white.

Lucy and Maria, 18, are the youngest of the Aylmer family, which also includes older brothers George, 23, and Jordan, 21, and sister Chynna, 22.

“Our brothers and sisters have skin which is somewhere between Maria and I. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum and they are all somewhere in-between.” Lucy told The Daily Mail. When talking about her mother’s shock at having two such different children, she said “It was such a shock for her because things like skin color don’t show up on scans before birth. She had no idea that we were so different. When the midwife handed us both to her she was just speechless.”

As is common with twins, their personalities are quite different as well. Lucy, the self-described “shy one,”  studies art and design at Gloucester College, while outgoing Maria studies law at Cheltenham College.

Though, we’re pretty sure Lucy straightens her hair and that it would naturally be curly. With that in mind, if you look past their skin tones, the similarity is definitely there.

Check out some photos of the fraternal twins below.




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