The Truth Behind Your KFC Chicken



A new documentary will shed light on how the 23 million chickens reared for KFC stores in the UK live before they end up in our bargain buckets.

The first episode of billion dollar chicken shop will show us the process that goes into producing ‘fast food chicken’ on a mass scale.

The chickens live for just 35 days in their own excrement. They are then gassed, cut into nine pieces and sent to warehouses in large trays before being sent to KFC branches across the UK.

Despite criticism from animal rights activists, a farmer called Andrew, who is one of the subjects of the documentary and has 35 years of experience as a supplier, says that the chickens on his farm have a ‘very good life’.

He adds: “I wouldn’t mind being a chicken in here.”

“As you can see, they’ve got beautifully clean feet and that is a good sign that these birds are healthy and they’ve been grown on good litter.”

“You can see this is a good, healthy chicken. I can’t think there’s anything better than being sat in a chicken farm looking at chickens. You can see for yourself, they look absolutely fantastic.”

Some don’t agree with Andrew though. Animal rights campaigner Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, said the birds have a ‘wretched existence’.

‘A very large number die from starvation or dehydration. About 900 million of these birds are produced in the country each year and about 30 million-plus die in the sheds.

‘The next step after this is to be grabbed by their frail legs, and shoved in crates and taken off to slaughter. A great number suffer broken bones during this process.’

Whilst we will have to wait until the documentary airs to take a closer look at the lives of the chickens in KFC, it will be interesting to see how it compares to those that featured in the documentary Food Inc a few years ago.

This short clip from the film shows how the chickens can’t keep up with their own growth, meaning that some of them can barely walk. 

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