Grieving Mother Given A Helping Hand By A Local Radio Station



Michelle tragically lost her 19-year-old son in December of last year after a freak accident at the turf company where he worked. Blaine was killed when he fell off the back of a tractor and was left with no room to move.

Blaine is remembered as a handsome, kind, and loving man who always went above and beyond to help others.

Since his death, Michelle has understandably struggled to put back together the pieces of her life.  Grief has meant that she was unable to return to work and this has led to her financial worries growing. 

Wanting to try and make things that little bit easier, daughter, Crystal, and her siblings, Jessica and Tom, contacted The Kyle and Jackie O Show to tell them the heartbreaking story. The show’s producers set up hidden cameras to capture her reaction to what they had arranged.

This video shows Michelle being told by the radio station that they wanted to do their bit to help ease those financial pressures. 

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