You Can Alter How These Shoes Look With An App



Do you ever wish that you could have one pair of shoes for every occasion? The Volvorii Timeless smart show is a step towards that happening.

The high-heeled shoe has been created by iShüu Technologies. Its unique feature is that it can change colour according to orders from a smart phone app.

The shoe comes in either white or black and contains a flexible display. The app allows you to change the colour and pattern on the display to decorate your heels with a totally new look. The shoes may not be fitting for every occasion, you’re hardly going to wear them on a hike for example, but they may be fitting for every outfit, which is definitely a start.





In addition to multiple display options, the heels also have fasteners on the front and back to which you can attach accessories. iShüu Technologies is hoping to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo to fund the early stages of its project.

“We need your support to reach the next level we cannot on our own without your help,” the company’s campaign page says. “The money we raise during our pre-orders campaign will allow us to pay for the FCC & CE testing, tooling & mass manufacturing, refining the iOS and Android App, roll out an efficient online platform for users to purchase and sell smart shoe design patterns and accessories.”

The shoes are expected to arrive in December.

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