This Is When You Should First Have Sex With Someone You're Dating


So you’re on a date. It’s going fantastic on all accounts. Sure, it’s only the first date but you know… there’s a connection. It only seems logical to end it on a more horizontal basis…

Hold on there, buster. First date is worst date… for sex (That bit doesn’t rhyme). According to an 11,000 strong survey carried out by Time Out, the best time to have sex in the “Dating Phase” is 3.53 dates in.


Now, we’re not for a second suggesting that you interrupt your 4th date during dinner or something in order to “make your mark” in time. We’re merely implying that any other point in the courting stage would be illogical.

The extensive research told us that whilst 31% of singletons from Sydney are “Single and proud”, 45% of New York based singloids who are dating would describe themselves as “Sad and single”.

Nine. That’s the answer to the other question on all of our lips. You may only change your Facebook relationship status after nine dates. With the same person, obviously.


Whether or not you want to listen to what the survey says about having sex whilst dating is completely up to you. It would probably be advisable to round the obscure 3.53 to 4 in order to avoid embarrassment or, failing that, you could round it down to three, if you care about quicker than the average, that is. 

Do you agree? Let us know in the comment. We may regret asking you that…

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