Selfie Enthusiasts Targeted With Questionable New Rules



We’re sure you’ve noticed the torrent of “selfies” taken where a group of people look just above them, slightly out of reaching distance and half-smile, half-squint? They’re great aren’t they?

No, they’re not great says the Smithsonian museum group. Not great at all. Selfie sticks, the magical contraptions that make these wonderful kinds of photos possible, are apparently a potential danger to both people and exhibits.

“This is a preventive measure to protect visitors and objects, especially during crowded conditions.” it said in a statement.

In their first rule change in years, the Smithsonian museum group have taken to banning Selfie Sticks in order to maintain order at their many institutes.


And they are not alone, a similar restriction can be found in New York’s MOMA, the LA Getty Centre and the New York museum of Sex, which we thought would be more open-minded but there you go.

Galleries in Australia have followed in suit as have many major European Football teams. It looks like if you feel so compelled to take a long distance selfie in a museum, one of your last possible venues is the London Tate. And hurry, they’re notoriously indecisive.

In the meantime, when frequenting a museum, “No Stick Down Leads to Big Frown… or something.”

Another bunch that are going to want to have the Selfie Stick banned are news cameramen. The National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Beijing (Catchy isn’t it?) is going to be overflowing with journalists who have recently taken to interviewing themselves with the aid of selfie sticks. Just look at this madness!


It’s clear to say that the good old fashioned days of having your camera (that wasn’t part of a phone) upon a tripod on a timer and running to make sure that you’re in shot in time are over.

Selfie sticks obviously divide opinion, you either love them or you hate them. Or somewhere in-between… but how do you feel about them?

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