When You See Him You May Not Be Able To Sleep




This photo of a bridge looks pretty cool until you realise that it has a hidden secret, an uninvited guest. 

Did you see him? It’s not the photographer.

He’s at the top of the picture lurking in the shadows of the 4th street bridge in Los Angeles.

Let’s zoom in a little.



The person taking the photo had no idea of the creepy lurking man’s presence until he looked at the photo when he got home. 

‘Had no idea my friend and I were being watched for the 20 minutes we were under the bridge,’ said Reddit user YoueatMYboogers.


The questions on other Reddit users lips were how did he get there? And what the hell is he doing spying on people. 


Let’s just take the easy way out and call it a ghost.

H/T: The Metro, Reddit

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