It's Been Revealed How Much It Costs To Make Dre Beats Headphones



Beats headphones are very popular but the consumer is being forced to pay a premium, usually anywhere between £100 and £400. Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre used the headphones to build a $3.2 billion empire which they sold to Apple last year.

According to The New York Times, headphones designers estimate that the cost to actually make the headphones is around $14.  People have been quick to point out that it’s less than the average price of a haircut.

This information being leaked isn’t great for Beats. TIME Magazine recently ranked Dr Dre’s headphones as the second-to-worst brand out of 18 for sound quality. So, essentially, it would seem that we are paying over the odds for comparatively poor quality.


The one thing Beats have done well is their marketing. Heaps of celebs have been pictured wearing them and they are perceived as one of the top brands to be wearing.

It’s that reputation that’s what has made them such a huge player in the headphone industry. They controlled 27% of the headphone market in 2014.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments, does this put you off buying Beats in the future?

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